2017/2018 Ban.do Agenda Flip Through

Happy Tuesday, Loves! It has been so long since I've posted a planner post! I've just been so out of my zone, lately. BUT I'm excited to try to get back into it again--starting with returning to my roots and using a Ban.do Agenda for the upcoming year. If you are a long-time reader, you may remember that when I first joined the planning community and started planner decorating, the Ban.do Agenda was my 1Love! You can check out some of my older posts using the Ban.do Agenda here.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this planner with my own money and all opinions are that of my own

This year's newest cover is called Rose Parade. I was absolutely in love the moment I saw it! The gorgeous rose artwork was just calling my name! Since there is another school year around the corner and I know everyone is looking for a new planner to invest in for the school year, I thought I'd share a flip-through of this year's Bando Agenda. All of the art work is universal throughout all of the 2017/2018 planners (despite which cover you choose). 

So here is a little flip-through of the planner! 

Because I bought the large size, the planner has two pocket folders to store notes and loose papers at the beginning of the planner. 

There are also lots and lots of adorable stickers! I don't typically use these stickers while planning, but I love using these stickers in my memory-keeping journal for later use! 

A cool thing about this planner, if you didn't know already, is that the designers left lots of secret codes throughout the planner for you to try to de-code. I used to love things like this as a kid and have continued to love doing them throughout the years in the Ban.do Agendas. 

I also love how thoughtful the designers were into future planning. They provided a 2018 and 2019 year at a glance calendar, a whole list of dates for silly holidays for the upcoming 2018 year, and a section for you to write down events and birthdays. 

I am in love with the artwork on the dividers this year! If you recall from last year's Ban.do Flip Through, I wasn't a big fan of the artwork. But this year, I am obsessed!! I think September 2017 is my absolute favorite! My only critique is that at the beginning of the planner, the artwork looks really thought out, but as the months progress, the artwork begins to look like they kind of rushed it and had to BS something random. Either way, it turned out looking adorable! 

On the very last page, they added this adorable "Should I Get Bangs" Flow Chart. They had a similar flow chart two years ago (2015/2016 planner) about whether you should wash your hair or not; but last year they didn't add this fun feature. I was super excited to see it back! 


What did you think of this year's Ban.do planner? What planner are you using this upcoming year?

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