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Happy Monday, Loves! With Back to School just around the corner, I was overly excited to re-do my bedroom for a fresh start. I won't be living in a dorm or apartment this year, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my cute room decor ideas that I used for my small bedroom (which is typically the size of most dorm rooms) for those who are going to be staying in residence.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. All items shared on this blog post were purchased with my own money.

Pick A Colour Theme
My First Suggestion to creating the perfect room makeover is to pick a colour theme you will typically stick with throughout the room. In my room, I decided to stick with the colour theme of White, Pastel Blue and Pastel Purple. All of my decor, bedding and knick-knack insinuate this theme.

Accent Wall
I thought it would be fun to add a pop of colour to my bedroom by adding an accent wall since all of my other walls are white. I got the inspiration from this Pin on Pinterest. I feel like an accent wall helps over more wall space and adds personality. Plus, since you painted a nice design on the wall, you won't feel the need to add decor into it, making the room feel less cluttered in small rooms. I don't have my paint chips anymore to tell you the exact colours, unforunately, but I bought all my paint at Home Depot with an Eggshell Finish. Obviously, if you are living in a dorm, they may not be okay with you painting the walls. I'd suggest checking with your residence's policies. If painting is a no-go, you could also make an accent wall using a tapestry. A great place I can suggest for tapestries is Society6.

Laptop Tray
Another great decor item to have in your college dorm or small bedroom is a small lapdesk. If you are short on space, at least you have a hard surface to use for your laptop/writing in bed. And, when not in use, it doubles as cute room decor at the end of your bed. I bought mine from Chapters Indigo. I love how the pastel colours really match my bedroom.

Small Desk Area
If you do have some extra room to add a desk, I'd definitely suggest picking up this White MICKE Desk from IKEA. It is super inexpensive, takes up very little room, has a wire management hole, and it has a storage drawer. I, also, would highly recommend the SKRUVSTA Swivel Chair from IKEA if you are looking for something cute but comfortable to sit on. I also like to add a blanket hanging off of my chair because it adds some colour contrast from all the white and it keeps me warm when I am doing some late night work. Definitely would also suggest putting a small lamp on your desk for those late nights of studying. I bought mine from Target.

Memory Wall Decor
I talked about this previously in my Memory Keeping Blog Post, but I definitely cannot suggest it enough. If you are looking to cover up wall space in your small bedroom or college dorm, a Polaroid wall would be perfect! You won't need to drill holes in the wall, the photos are very light weight, they cover large areas, and it is the perfect spot to keep memories you've made in college!

Cute Lighting
I recently changed my ceiling light to this IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp and could not be more happy! I love the futuristic design matched with the modern colour choices. The white and rose gold mix really fit my aesthetic. I also love how I can easily pick between bright light and mood lighting in my room, based on the level I open/close the light. When it isn't in use, it also dupes as beautiful ceiling decor.

Crate Storage
If you are looking for an easy and affordable DIY Storage idea, I'd definitely recommend making one out of crates. All I did was buy three small crates from Home Depot ($6 CAD each), Spray Paint, Painters Tape, and Wood Glue. Adam and I painted the back panels blue to match my room aesthetic then used wood glue to stick all the crates together. Inside, I just like to keep a bunch of decorative knick-knacks. The table holding it all up is the LACK Side Table from IKEA.

White Boards
I think White Boards are a great way to cover some more wall space while still being functional. I haven't written anything on them yet, because I plan on using them to track assignments this semester, but in the mean time, I think they add some great pops of colour on my plain white wall. I bought these colourful white boards from Target. I'm not sure if they still sell these, because I bought them when I first started university (almost 4 years ago), but you definitely could DIY some with a frame and decorative paper, if you can't find them.

Last but not least, I love to add plants to my bedroom. They just make the room feel more lively and help inspire creative juices to flow! Meet Pinya, my little Pineapple Plant I bought from IKEA. I love to use house plants like Succulents and Pineapple Plants because they are very low maintenance. I just have to water them once a week. This is perfect for me because I travel a lot and I'm a student who is typically in and out of the house very often--too often to need a super high maintenance plant who needs watering every day.


Here are some of my room decor inspiration ideas for your college dorm or small bedroom. What are some awesome room decor ideas you love?

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