15 Minute Breakfast Made In A Breakfast Sandwich Maker | #BTSWITHJEN

Happy Friday, Loves! If there is anything I've learned in university, it is that time is of the essence. With balancing lectures, homework, studying, a part-time job, a social life, and other responsibilities--on top of maintaining general physical and mental health--it just doesn't feel like there are enough hours in the day to do everything!

Because of this, it seems so many students skip breakfast--the most important meal of the day--or end up spending unnecessary money ordering take-out at Starbucks and Tim Hortons. What would you do if I told you that you could have a full big breakfast meal in less than 15 minutes with minimal clean up and is healthy for you? Well, my friend, it is in fact possible and I'll show you today!

*Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker and all ingredients with my own money. I genuinely enjoy using this appliance which is why I am recommending it in this post. Links are also NOT referral/affiliate links.

- Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (Buy It Here)
- Eggs
- Cheese (Of your choice)
- Green Onion
- Breakfast Meat (Of your choice)
- Cucumbers (Optional)

To make the mini omelette I whisked together 1 Egg, Green Onions, Mozzarella Cheese (you can use whatever cheese of your choice, but that is what I had on hand), and a dash of salt and pepper in a small bowl.

When it is whisked completely, I just poured the mixture into the top section of the breakfast sandwich maker and let it cook until I heard sizzling (Around 5 minutes of cooking). This appliance is made of non-stick material so you do not need to spray it before hand. When the mini omelette is cooked fully through, it will just slide out and it is ready to be placed on the plate. I made two of these, so it took me roughly 10 minutes. While the first omelette was cooking, I prepared the egg mixture (from the previous step) for my second one.

I'm not a big fan of bacon or sausage for breakfast, but sure do I love turkey! I didn't have any turkey bacon on me this morning, so I decided to fold up and grill some turkey cold-cuts to make some make-shift Turkey Bacon. It basically tastes the same as turkey bacon to me, anyways. I grilled them up on the bottom section of the breakfast maker and it only took about 2 minutes on each side before they started to get crispy and brown.

And there you have it! A full breakfast meal in less than 15 minutes!

I cut up some cucumbers slices for the side because love having cucumbers in the morning and it makes a cute garnish--but you obviously don't have to do this if you don't like cucumbers. I also added the leftover cheese and green onion on top of the mini omelettes.

And when you're all done cooking, just let the breakfast sandwich maker cool, throw the removable parts in the dish washer, and wipe down the rest with a cloth soaked in warm water and soap.

How easy was that?

I can bet once you try this out, you'll want to make this every morning before class! If you do recreate this recipe using your breakfast sandwich maker, make sure to upload it to Instagram and tag me at @jennibearrxo_! I'd love to see your creations!

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