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Happy Wednesday, Loves! One of the most crucial things everyone stresses about when getting a new puppy is potty training. I am no different. During the days leading up to picking up Echko from the breeder, I spent countless hours researching potty training options and advice online. During my research, I stumbled upon Fresh Patch.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Fresh Patch. I received this grass patch complimentary of Fresh Patch for review purposes. All opinions are that of my own and are not altered by compensation. To learn more about Fresh Patch, visit

Fresh Patch is a grass patch subscription service, as seen on Shark Tank, that uses live grass (as opposed to their market competitors that typically use synthetic grass) for your doggy potty training needs. The Fresh Patch is recommended for anyone who lives in an apartment/condo without a backyard, anyone who works long or unpredictable hours, individuals with limited mobility, anyone who is potty training new dogs or puppies, those who wish to avoid taking their pet out late nights, in the rain or in the snow, and those who are fed up with artificial grass or pee pads. Fresh Patch basically tries to appeal to everyone

The subscription service is super flexible and allows you to choose anywhere between one to four week intervals for your subscription. You also have the option to skip a shipment interval if you need to (like if you were to be on vacation and wouldn't need a patch for your dog that week). You can also cancel your subscription anytime (and you won't be charged as long as your patch hasn't been shipped yet!). 

Shipping is also FREE. Who doesn't love free shipping, am I right? Depending on your shipping location, the grass patch is also locally grown. My patch was shipped from Napean, Ontario (about a 3 1/2 hour drive from my home). Fresh Patch ships nationwide in Canada, the USA, and Australia.

The Patch, itself, is decently sized. I received the Fresh Patch Standard; which is suitable for small/medium sized pets that weigh anywhere from 10-25 lbs. Echko was about 13-14lbs when we brought him home and tested the Fresh Patch. When lying down in the grass patch, he fit perfectly.

When I first opened the box, the grass patch smelled very fresh. It was pretty much identical to the grass outside in my backyard (well duh, because it's real grass). The patch was decently sized in comparison to Echko which allowed for lots of room for him to do his business. It was also well packaged and shipped in great condition. I thought it was amazing how convenient it was to use after delivery. After you take off the lid, it is ready to use!

After a week of using this patch, was it worth the buy? Honestly, I think it depends on your dog.

Fresh Patch appealed to me because it was convenient. I am a full-time student, part-time blogger and I do quite the amount of freelance work. The weather in Canada is also pretty unpredictable so it seemed pretty ideal to try to indoor potty train Echko so that we wouldn't have to take him out in the rain or snow.

Unfortunately for us, Echko didn't like using the Fresh Patch. When we picked up Echko from the breeder, she had already been training him to do his business outdoors. We just had the responsibility to continue that training. No matter how hard I tried to switch him to use the Fresh Patch, he just wouldn't use it. When we first opened it, he tried to rip and dig grass out of the box.  Throughout the week, even though I'd bring him on the grass patch, he's rather do his business around it or wait by the door than to use it. A lot of the time, if we'd bring him on it, he'd just lie in it or try to eat the grass. Even when we tried positive reinforcement when trying to use the patch, he just wouldn't use it. Unfortunately for us, it didn't work.

I'm sure if we had a dog that had no prior potty training experience, it may have worked better. It does have the smell and texture of outdoor grass (because, well, it is live grass). I'm sure dogs with no prior potty training experience would instinctively want to use the grass patch instead of pee pads or waiting to be brought to the ground floor of a condo/apartment.

Because I have plenty of grass that is easily accessible in my backyard and Echko knows that, he chooses to wait to be brought out instead of wanting to use the grass patch. I find that he also likes how plentiful the backyard is of grass in comparison to the Fresh Patch. Because it is a smaller area, in comparison to the backyard, he just doesn't like to use it.

On a side note, once you take the lid off of the Fresh Patch, DO NOT put it back on. After realizing Echko didn't like the Fresh Patch, I put the lid back on to prevent him from trying to chewing on the grass. When I opened it back up to take photos of the patch, I noticed some snow mold began to grow on the patch. It is a very light case of snow mold, but obviously any type of mold isn't good for any pet. If Echko (or your pet) were to digest the mold, they may become ill (but of course, I am not a vet, so correct me if I'm wrong).

So, overall, I think it is definitely worth the buy if you live in an apartment/condo or somewhere lots of grass isn't easily accessible. But, if your dog is already potty trained to go outside and knows they have the option, you really should just continue doing so instead of buying the patch (unless you have extra time and patience to re-train them to use the patch over going outside). If you do end up purchasing the patch, though, be sure to monitor the patch and follow care directions!

If you'd like to learn more about Fresh Patch or sign up for a subscription visit their websites below:


#QOTD: Do you have a pet? Do they prefer to use the bathroom indoors or outdoors? Let me know in the comments down below!

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