How To Get Paid For Shopping This Holiday Season

Happy Sunday, Loves! It's almost that time of year again: Holiday Gift Shopping Galore! What would you do if I told you that you could get paid to do the shopping you already are going to be doing for your family and friends? Yeah, you read that right: Get paid for shopping!

It sounds like a crazy thought, don't you think? Well, this could be your reality! The holiday season is a stressful time financially for everyone. But with Ebates, you could get paid for the shopping you are already doing for your family and friends!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Ebates. By clicking the links in this post, signing up for their services, and making a purchase using the Ebates services, I will receive a small commission. Commission made from post like these fund the website and help me continue making awesome content! Nevertheless, you are never obligated to sign-up or make purchases (although, it really would mean the world to me, as it really helps me!). For more information, read my disclosure policy.

Ebates is a cashback membership network for online shoppers. The website acts as a shopping portal that offers coupons and cashback from over 2,000 online retailers.

So, you may be wondering, how does this Ebates website pay me to shop? Well the answer is fairly simple: you shop, they paid you cash back. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Step 1: Shop With Ebates At Your Favourite Online Retailers
Ebates offers cashback to over 2,000 online retailers--many which you already know and love. Simply begin on the Ebates website and search for your favourite retailers. These shops below are my favourite to shop at (but there are over 2,000 other retailers to browse from)!

Once you find one you'd like to shop at, the Ebates website will redirect you to the retailer's online website. Then, just shop 'til you drop!

Step 2: Earn Cash Back On Your Orders
For every website you shop at through the Ebates website, you receive a certain amount of cash back. This ranges, depending on the store. Sometimes, if you're lucky, your favourite stores may even have double cash back! This means you will receive double the percentage of cash back as you usually would!

As you can see above, Groupon for example originally has 3.0% cash back on purchases. With the Double Cash Back deal available today (please note: I am writing this post on Saturday, so the specific deals available today may not be available the day you are reading this post), I would be able to receive 6.0% cash back if I were to browse their website and purchase something!

Step 3: Get Paid
I'd imagine this is the part you are the most skeptical of. When I started using Ebates back in 2015, I was too. To my surprise, I actually got paid! So, how does it work? Ebates releases their Big Fat Checks on a quarterly basis and no void check or back account is necessary!

So, for example, all of your cash back made this holiday season would fall under the posting period of Oct 1 - Dec 31 and you would receive your Big Fat Check on Feb 15.

As for deposits, you have two options: You can either get a check send to you in the mail (obviously, this means the money will arrive to you later) or you can get it deposited to your Paypal account. Once deposited, the money is yours to spend or save as you'd like!

Just keep in mind that the money you are receiving is in USD. That being said, if you choose to receive a check in the mail and you are not a US resident, make sure visit your local bank branch to set up a US Account. That is what I had to do before switching my deposits to Paypal. If you decided to go the Paypal Deposit route, you have nothing to fret, as Paypal automatically exchanges your currency.


How quick and simple is that?

I'd definitely recommend signing up since, in the end, you'll be buying gifts with or without Ebates. At least with using Ebates, you get some bonus cash on the side to make up for the splurging you did for all of your family and friends. It's a total win!

Sign up by clicking here or the ad above and make a purchase to receive an additional $10!


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  1. This sounds super simple! Thanks for sharing!
    Britt |

  2. I love Ebates! I never get much back from them since my purchases aren't usually big enough, but any savings is good savings!