How To Secure Your First Voxbox On Influenster

Happy Sunday, Loves! With the year quickly coming to an end (omg can you believe we are two months shy of the new year?!?!!?!?!), everyone is starting to reflect on successful (and failed) resolutions from 2017 and create goals for the upcoming 2018 year. One of my biggest goals this year was to grow my blog, begin partnering with companies, and transforming my blog from a hobby to a business. One of the first steps I took was joining influencer networks to receive free products to review. One of my all time favorite networks I joined was Influenster

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored but does include a referral link to Influenster. By using my referral link, you help me gain "Impact Points" which ultimately help me receive more free products to review.

If you have not heard of Influenster, it is a free community of over 4 million social savvy shoppers. On this website, you create a profile, write reviews for products you have tried, ask questions about products you are interested in, and receive Voxboxes full of FREE products for you to test and review. The cool thing about Influenster is that they don't only cater to beauty enthusiasts. A lot of websites similar pimarily focuses on the female demographic and their love for beauty products. On Influenster, you can also receive, test and review pet supplies, college essentials, baby supplies, specialty beverages, electronics, games, movies, TV shows, and so much more! Whatever your interests are or your social niche, Influenster has something for you! 

A Voxbox is a free package assembled by Influenster and leading brands that is mailed to influencers to test and review upcoming or popular products. In these Voxboxes, you could get one product or you could get several products, depending on the campaign. If it is a branded campaign (a campaign specific to one brand), you may get one to four products to review); but if it is a co-op campaign (an influenster campaign with several different brands in one box), you may receive several (and I'm talking 12 products possibly). 

I have been a member of Influenster for almost a year and have had the privilege to be part of three Voxbox Campaigns (two brand campaigns and one co-op campaign). How did I do it? Well that's what I'm here to share with you today!

Here are 6 tips on how to secure a free voxbox on influenster:

1) Sign Up!
What place better to start than to sign up? By signing up, you are just beginning the process to finally getting your hands on that Voxbox you've been wanting to review! If you haven't signed up already, click here to get started!

2) Completely Fill Out Your Profile.
Your profile is the #1 place Influenster looks at to see what campaigns you would apply to and benefit from. Obviously if you didn't have kids, why would Influenster want to send you diapers to review? Or if you didn't have a cat, why would influenster want to invite you to a campaign about cat food? A full profile makes Influenster also know you are serious about wanting to test and review free products. They are more likely to send free products to a member who took the time to fill out their full profile and seem passionate about reviewing products in comparison to someone who signed up solely for the purpose of getting free stuff.

3) Connect All Of Your Social Media.
Your Impact Score is very important and is primarily based upon your social media follows. This is because the number of followers you have generally shows brands how much "impact" you have on social media. The higher your Impact Score, the more likely you are to quality for a Voxbox Campaign.

4) Complete All Of Your Snaps.
Snaps are little surveys Influenster has created to get to know what products you have loved and tried. This is another excellent way for Influenster to get a taste of what you like to make sure you qualify for campaigns that reflect your interests. Through these surveys, you are given opportunities to also review products you may have already tried in the past. Do them. Trust me. Taking the time to do them will be all worth it in the end.

5) Get Involved In The Influenster Community.
This is probably one of the most important, in my option. As an influencer, your primary goal is to influence others through recommendations, reviews, and conversation. Whether it be done through the app or through social media, your goal is to help others find products they may like through your reviews and experiences. Since this is a community, the Influenster platform is the first place to start. Continue to review products you've tested in the past or currently use; answer questions other members may have; ask your own questions about products you are curious about; and share articles. It may not show in your Impact Score, but Influenster definitely knows how active you are in the community.

6) Complete All Your Virtual Voxbox Campaigns To Unlock Badges.
From time to time, Influenster releases Virtual Voxboxes (which are virtual campaigns). These can be found on your profile. Usually, they consist of little tasks like "Download The Influenster App", "Review a product" or "Answer Another Member's Question". By completing these Virtual Voxbox Campaigns, you begin to unlock badges. Badges not only make you seem like an expert of your interests (who doesn't want that?), but they also are another means to show Influenster that you are passionate about the community and will be willing to take the time to actually fulfill the tasks in a real Voxbox campaign in the future, when you do qualify.


Receiving a Voxbox may seem hopeless, but it is definitely possible! Sometimes you may get one within the first month of being a member. Sometimes it may take a couple of months to a year to finally quality for a campaign. Nevertheless, by doing these 6 things, you definitely will qualify and receive a Voxbox from Influenster!

If you haven't signed up already, click here to get started!

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