October Puppy Favourites

Happy Wednesday, Loves! Can you believe October is merely over? It just seemed to have flown by in a blink of an eye. You know what else happened within a blink of an eye? How fast my puppers is growing [cries]! As you probably already know (because it's basically all I talk/tweet/post about), I adopted a floof at the end of September with Adam. All of October has been filled with experimentation and trying out products I've been curious about to try to provide the best Lifestyle possible for my husky pup! In the mix, Adam and I have found a handful of products Echko absolutely loves, which I will be sharing with you today!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. That means that all products recommended today were bought with our own money and recommended because we genuinely love this products. This post does, however, contain affiliate links. That being said, any purchases made after clicking the links in this blog post will result in a small commission for this blog.  For more information, read my terms and policiesI tried my hardest to find links for all of the exact same products. If I could not find the exact same product, I linked a product of the same brand that was very similar.

Pet wipes are an absolute essential in my household. Because Echko is a curious puppy who is outdoor trained to do his "business", he gets himself into everything. Luckily, with pet wipes, I never have to worry about getting all of the gunk and germs he collects outside in the house. I have trained him to wait after coming inside to get his paws, belly, and bottom wiped clean. Adam and I have been loving the Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Deodorizing Pet Wipes. They are made with natural ingredients, have a very unnoticeable scent, and are very gentle on his paws and skin. Unlike other pet wipe brands, these ones do not cause his sensitive paws to become dry and flaky. 


Cleaning up waste is inevitable with dogs. When we first brought Echko home, we were noticing that even though we double-bagged his waste, you could still smell the awful scent. Luckily we found Earth Rated Lavendar Scented Bags. Because these bags are lavender scented, they make carrying around a full waste-bag on long car rides more bearable. We were lucky to find a pack of 120 bags (8 rolls) for only $5.99 at Marshall's. After during further research, we found that can also purchase these bags for $5.99 on Amazon! 


Adam and I love salmon flavoured treats for our pup. Because he is a husky and huskies love fish, we have always made it a priority to look for fish flavoured/based kibble and treats. Having treats that Echko loves eating is so important to us because we use them primarily for training. One of Echko's favourite treats is the Blue Wilderness Wild Bits Training Treats in the flavour Salmon.  They are small, bite sized, and full of moisture. We also loved how, out of all of the other treats Echko has tried, these ones smell the best and don't give him diarrhea.


Echko's absolute favourite treat of all time is the Acana Freeze Dried Dog Treats. Acana is a brand we have loved since day one of bringing Echko home. They are produced here in Canada, use only fresh or raw Canadian ingredients, and follow a biologically appropriate diet. You can really tell by Echko's love for this brand that they are doing something right with their products. The only downfall is that it is very smelly and some people may not like the way it smells (or the way it makes their dog's waste smell). We just keep these treats for special occasions (like bath time and nail clipping days). The one's he currently has are the Pacific Pilchard and Valley Greens flavour; but unfortunately Amazon does not have those for sale. Luckily, they do have a flavour that is almost similar (Mackerel and Valley Greens Flavour). 

In our first month of having Echko, we have found he has a love with squeaker toys. Coincidentally enough, when we were shopping for him previous to picking him up from the breeder, I really didn't want to purchase any squeaker toys because I feared having to deal with uncontrollable squeaking fits in the middle of the night. In the end, I gave in and now he has a large collection of squeaky toys. One of his current favourites is this PetSport Goose Squeaky Toy that my sister purchased for him. He squeaks it like crazy when he's awake and cuddles with it at night when he's asleep. It's adorable! We also love how this toy has absolutely no fluff inside, so when he finally does rip through it (which he will because he's already done it with multiple other squeaky toys), we don't have to worry about him eating and choking on fluff.


One of his other favourites is the Outward Hound Mini Hedgehog Invincible Squeaky Toy. My sister also purchased this for him. We play a lot of fetch and this is his absolute favourite toy, out of all of them, to play fetch with. Because it has a squeaker, it gets him more hyped up for the game. We loved how it is also "invincible". He has a crazy chewing habit currently, but he still has yet to puncture this toy and kill the squeaking sound. 

Of course, Echko would have a favourite festive dog toy that has a squeaker--surprise, surprise. This Thrills And Chills Halloween Candy Corn Dog Toy Plush with Squeaker has been one of his favourites since day one. He loves the sound, he loves chewing it, and he loves throwing it up in the air and running to where it landed. My only critique for this toy, though, is that if your pup likes to rip toys apart, it may not be for you. The plush fuzz on the outside almost just falls off, causing a bunch of fluff balls everywhere. When Echko plays with this toy, I have to vacuum at the end of the day or else he'll have fluff all over his fur. 

Finally, my very last October puppy favourite is this Thrills And Chills Glow-In-The-Dark Bat Bow-Tie Halloween Collar. As we were looking for a super cute Halloween costume for Echko, we decided we'd opt for this adorable collar instead until we find one we absolutely love and Echko would wear without freaking out. Lucky for us, Echko adjusted to this new collar very quickly (even despite the bow-tie, which hes never had on a collar before). The fact that it glows in the dark is just an added bonus! 


These are my October puppy favourites! Don't forget, if you decide to to shop online for these October favourites, you can use Ebates.ca to reward yourself with some cash back for your purchases. Both Amazon and PetSmart have 3.0% Cash Back on online purchases.

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