Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino | Worth The Buy?

Happy Friday, loves! I'm coming at you with a bonus post this week, because I couldn't wait until Sunday to share this one! If you haven't heard yet, you probably live under a rock Starbucks released their Zombie Frappuccino yesterday and I couldn't wait to test it out for you guys! With all of the hype online, is it really Worth The Buy?

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I do not receive any compensation for reviewing this beverage. I was just as curious yesterday as you probably are.

The Zombie Frappuccino is a blended creme base frapp with creme frappuccino syrup, green caramel apple powder, zombie mocha drizzle, and pink whipped cream.

Just like many of the other festive specialty blended beverages (like the Unicorn Frappuccino) it is packed with sugar and you definitely can tell with one sip--54 grams of sugar, to be exact. On the bright side, a grande Zombie Frapp only has 290 calories. That is significantly less than the 410 calories found in a grande Unicorn Frapp. That is also significantly less than most of Starbucks' popular blended beverages like the Caramel Frapp (420 Calories), Pumpkin Spice Frapp (380 Calories) and the Strawberries and Creme Frapp (370 Calories). So you can sip happily knowing you aren't wasting all of your daily calories away!

For reviewing purposes, I purchased a Tall (12 oz) Zombie Frappuccino. Luckily for me, the barista messed up and made me a Grande (16 oz) Zombie Frapp instead. Don't you just love free upgrades?

Now, let's get ready to dissect this drink (lol get it? Dissect? Because it's a zombie drink? And we're reviewing it? No... Okay... lol I'll laugh by myself).

Right from the get go, I thought this was super creative. The base of the frapp is a murky green-ish brown, which honestly does resemble the popular stereotype of zombie skin. You really can't see the zombie mocha drizzle on mine (I'm not even sure if the barista added any on mine lol), but I'd assume from other photos that it is supposed to resemble blood. And of course, the pink whipped cream is supposed to resemble the brains popping out of an open skulled zombie. Super creative, to say the least!

The drink itself was pretty tasty. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I actually did. The base actually did taste like caramel apple candies, which to my surprise, I actually loved. The whipped cream just tasted like generic whipped cream. They probably just added food colouring and called it a day.

I'd definitely say this drink is significantly better than a lot of Starbucks' other festive blended beverages. I think I could see myself actually craving to order this every Halloween season. It is creative, super cute, and actually tastes great!

I also liked how it didn't start to separate as it sat. Some of the other specialty frapps I've purchased in the past did, and it looked disgusting. This one stays thick, creamy and all together until the very last sip!

I'd definitely have to say that this is Worth The Buy.  I feel like this is something everyone has to try at least once. It's a silly trend, but definitely got me feeling more festive for Halloween coming up next week!


Have you tried the Zombie Frapp yet? What were your thoughts?

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