3 Fun Ways To Exercise WITH Your Dog Outdoors + Dog Exercise Essentials

Happy Wednesday, Loves! One of the biggest struggles I've found while raising a puppy is keeping him exercised. Because he is a husky puppy, he is just a constant ball of energy and always gets himself into trouble when he's bored. I've found that the only way to keep him under control is to exercise him multiple times a day. They always did say: "A tired husky is a happy husky". Because of his constant need to be exercised, I found this the perfect opportunity to exercise along side him to try to get more fit, lose some extra weight, and start living healthier.

If you have a very overly hyper pup and/or are looking for some fun ways to exercise with him/her, here are 3 suggestions from my home to yours! I also added in some awesome exercise essentials that we love that definitely help all of us stay motivated and prepared!

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This is probably the most generic way most people exercise with their dogs. Nevertheless, taking your dog out for an hour walk/run definitely gives you both some awesome cardio. Even if you just go on a walk, if you and your pup walk at a speed that makes your heart beat raise slightly, you are getting some good cardio in! We love taking Echko on walks (for about an hour) two or three times a day. We are lucky because we live right by the waterfront; so a walking path is always available. Nevertheless, walking your dog through your neighbourhood or even through your city streets is the perfect opportunity to keep them exercised while teaching obedience and recall.  

Our pup loves hiking! We took him on his first hike at the Greenwood Conservation Area last week and he couldn't get enough of it! Because of the different terrain available (forests, hills, rocky paths, flat plains, sandbanks, muddy stream paths, etc.), you both really get to work your legs and get some great cardio at the same time! We also love taking our pup hiking in places that don't really have a defined trail because it gives us the opportunity to teach re-call training. Although he is always on a leash, we give him more leniency with a 8 metre retractable leash so that we are able to teach him to stay relatively close to us even if he wants to explore. This is also a great opportunity for your dog to socialize with many different people and breeds. If you go to a trail that is specifically for dogs, you will meet so many owners who are very friendly, helpful, and will teach you a thing-or-two; all while your dog is able to play with their dogs. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and have your dog/puppy learn how to play gentle with others. 

Some of our essentials for hiking include: Beaver Canoe Checkered Dog HarnessFlexi Vario Retractable Leash (Large)Earth Rated Waste Bag DispenserEarth Rated Lavender Scented Waste Bags, Messy Mutts Collapsible Dog Bowl, Water, Espree Paw Wipes, a backpack, comfortable hiking shoes, Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent, a coffee (to keep me warm during our fall/winter walks) and a plastic bag to hold all of your filled puppy waste bags (just in case there aren't many garbage cans throughout the trail).

This is kind of a hard one, depending on your schedule. If you are lucky enough to be a regular at your local dog park, you may know the best times to visit when it is completely empty. For us, it usually mid-day on the week days. Because Echko is only 3 months old, we don't like exposing him to dogs that are not fully vaccinated and prefer to only take him to dog parks when it is completely empty or if we've already chatted with the other dog owners and they have already ensured us that their dogs are all vaccinated. We love this idea because since Echko is a husky, he is a runner at heart. This gives him the opportunity to run all of his stored energy out while being in an enclosed environment. He loves to chase us in the dog park and go fetch toys we throw for him! Definitely a fun fall afternoon together! I definitely would recommend, if you bring any toys for fetching, that you avoid any stuffed toys (so you don't bring any bugs home). Instead, bring rope toys, balls, or toys made of silicon. 

Some of our dog park essentials include: Earth Rated Waste Bag DispenserEarth Rated Lavender Scented Waste Bags, Rope Toys, KONG Ball Dog Toy, and Comfortable Shoes. 


These are my absolute favourite ways to exercise with my Husky Puppy! I hope these gave you a couple ideas of how to exercise with you dog! What are some of your favourite ways to exercise with your dog?




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  1. We love going hiking with the pups, and the second that my girl Daviana sees my hiking boots come out she gets excited!
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