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Happy Tuesday, Loves! It's been quite a while since I've posted on Jennibearrxo, but I promise there is an exciting reason why! But I will get to that later in the post. It has been yet another month with Echko in our lives with lots of experimenting with products. So, I thought I'd share with you some of Our November Favourites! I also thought I'd add a little Puppy Update section to this series, because so many people have been inboxing me for updates of our pup! While Instagram kind of gives you a visual update, posts like this will share more so learning progress achievements. I'm so excited to share it all with you!

November definitely has been an extremely successful month for us and Echko.

He started Puppy Kindergarten earlier this month and has been extremely quick at learning obedience and new tricks. Adam and I have learned that he is very food motivated, which has definitely been helping us train so quickly and efficiently.

This month, we have especially been working on recall training (alongside all of the curriculum our trainer has given us). This was so important for us to teach him early on because we go on hikes at off-leash dog parks very often. Because he is a husky, they are very well known as escape artists. Obviously, we would never want him to run away, but we wanted to provide him with some independence and respect. So training him good recall seemed to be a happy medium--where we can feel peace-of-mind while allowing him to have some independence as a curious dog. We are happy to share that Echko is almost fully trained to walk off-leash (but, obviously needs a reminder with a treat here and there).

This month, he also finally got his 4-weeks shots to be able to socialize with other dogs at the dog park. Adam and I couldn't wait for this day because exercise and socialization are two necessities Huskies need on a daily basis. At first, we were kind of hesitant because we were scared he would get hurt by the bigger, older dogs; but it turned out to be one of our favourite things to do with Echko on a daily basis. He has been learning from the other dogs proper play behaviour while getting in lots of exercise and socialization. We take him to a local off-leash, fenced dog park and we couldn't be happier with the park. The city of Pickering maintains it very well (by providing multiple waste cans, free waste bags, lots of seating for the owners, and stainless steal bowls for dogs to share if you forget your bowl at home) and all of the other owners are very friendly.

We are so proud of him and all of our hard work training him!


For November, most of our favourites are based on training or hiking/walks gear.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but does contain affiliate links. There is also an endorsement from our shop, Pack Alpha. Nevertheless, I would never recommend products I do not personally like or use. To learn more about my disclosure policy, visit my terms and policies page

Our first favourite of the month is Benny Bully's Beef Liver Dog Treats. Our vet actually recommended we give these a try after we mentioned to her that we didn't enjoy training Echko with very smelly treats. Benny Bully's are made with a single ingredient: Freeze Dried Beef Liver. We loved how easy it is to break these liver chops into small pieces, they have a neutral aroma, and they are low calorie. They are also a product of Canada, which is amazing! We typically use these treats primarily for training. Echko loves the taste and they definitely motivate him to continue training.


Echko absolutely LOVES the Merrick's Fresh Kisses. He has tried both Coconut Inflused and Mint Infused. He loves them both so much and gets overly excited once I pick up the bag. We have a very hard time brushing Echko's teeth (because he just wants to eat the whole tooth brush with all the tooth paste), so we needed an alternative. Lucky for us, we found these on sale at Ren's Pet Depot. We love how they clean his teeth, they freshen his breath, they right tartar and plaque, they are all natural, and they are easily digestible. They are also grain-free and potato-free. We are glad that he can't finish these all in one bite, but they don't take all day to finish. He typically finishes one Fresh Kisses bone within 15-30 minutes.

Buy Them Here At Ren's Pet Depot: MERRICK'S FRESH KISSES

One of Echko's favourite toys this month has been the Holiday Christmas Caterpillar from Ren's Pet Depot. It has 10 squeakers (all at different pitches), it is super soft, and fun to play tug-of-war with! Sometimes, we will even catch him snuggling up to it like a pillow. It's adorable.


Another toy Echko has been loving this month is the Kong Squeaker Ball. Surprisingly, Echko loves playing fetch. To those who have very little knowledge about huskies, they actually don't typically like playing fetch or enjoy learning how to play. But, Adam and I are finding because the other dogs at the dog park enjoy playing fetch, he is learning how to play as well.

Buy Them Here On Amazing: KONG SQUEAKER BALLS

Hiking has been a shared favourite between all three of us! It is a fantastic way to exercise along side Echko while enjoying the beauty of Canadian nature. We love visiting different conservation areas and hiking trails and seeing which ones we love doing the most. Some days we may be gone for an hour; some days we may be gone for 4 hours. Its the rush of adventure that really gets us going. And at the end of the day, Echko is knocked out cold for the next couple of hours because he has such a great workout!

Since hiking has been such a big part of our lives; we are so excited to finally be able to share the experience with Echko as well. Trails can sometimes be very rough on dog's paws, so it was very important for us to find a way to protect his pads, especially since winter is coming very soon. This inspired us to make our own Premium Organic Paw Wax at Pack Alpha (*Hint Hint: is the announcement!). I know it may sound bias to "love" our own products, but we are so happy with the results this recipe has had for our pup. We love that we know what is going on our dog's paws (no chemicals, no artificial preservatives or scents), that all the ingredients are organic and delivered from Canada, and that they leave Echko's paw's super soft after ever hike.


We recently invested in the Flexi Vario Retractable Leash and couldn't be happier that we did! We find that this leash makes it extremely easier for us to let Echko explore on hikes while still being able to control him when we would like to keep him on-leash. It has also been one of our #1 tools in teaching re-call training before allowing him to practice off leash. We love how it allows 8 metres of flexability while being strong enough to control him at far distances.


Our last puppy favourite for November is the RC Pets Cirque Harness. We recently invested in this hardness and are pretty happy we found it. Echko's old harness, although it was stylish, looked very comfortable for him so we decided to find another one. This one allows for so much protection and control over your pet. We never worry about hurting Echko when hugging on the leash. Plus, it is still a very stylish colour and has has breathing holes all around.



These are all of our November Puppy Favourites! Let us know in the comments down below what some of your dog's favourite products are this month!

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