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Happy Thursday, Loves! Last night, I had the most amazing opportunity to see Grease The Musical live in Toronto for Premier Night of Preview Week! With all the buzz going around about this recreation of the classic 1970's musical written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, I knew I had to get myself tickets for the very first show to do a Worth The Buy!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased my tickets with my own money.

Grease The Musical (Toronto) is a "fresh, relevant interpretation of the show" featuring classic hits from the original 1971 musical and the hit 1978 movie.
"For me, a big part of the fun of Grease is being able to see how far we’ve come since 1959 and yet still show how the themes of first love, friendship, and a search for identity are universal across generations.” ~ Josh Prince
It is directed by Josh Price (acclaimed Broadway director and choreographer) and stars Janel Parrish (as Sandy), Dylan S. Walluch (as Danny), and Katie Findley (as Rizzo).

It is live throughout November and December 2017 at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto.

For review purposes. Adam and I purchased tickets in Section MEZZ-C, Row A, Seats 212 & 213. We were front row of the mezzanine, dead centre-view of the stage. Tickets for these seats cost us $114 each (for preview week). Please note: the prices for your seats may differ depending on the seats you choose and the dates you buy tickets for. 

Okay, so now that the nitty gritty details are out of the way, what you have been waiting for: is it worth the buy?

I'd have to say absolutely. It was a terrific show with a fantastic cast! 

The musical, as a whole, was so well produced and directed. Every single detail to the show was thoughtfully noted as I watched it. I found that in every scene, the little actions characters would do, even though they weren't the centre of the scene, really added to their characters and the play as a whole. I had a smile on my face from the very beginning to the very last applaud. I have to say, Josh Price did a marvelous job with this adaptation of the original! 

The casting crew did an amazing job casting all of the parts and ensuring the whole cast had chemistry. There was so much high energy from every member of the cast which made it really fun to watch. Every character was portrayed perfectly by their actor/actress. The vocals and the choreography for every piece had so much personality and soul! The cast as a whole blended together so perfectly and It shined through that they all loved working with one another on this production. It was as if the whole cast, through the months of rehearsal, became a family. That is what I loved most. I also loved how much they interacted with the audience. Cast members would run through isles dancing and singing for certain scenes, which was so fun to watch!

Janel Parrish did a fantastic job playing Sandy. I know a lot of people were skeptical about having a brunette Sandy, but Janel really rocked the part. Her vocals were so heart-wrenching in "Hopelessly Devoted To You" that I had chills down my spine. It was amazing seeing the shift in her acting career from mastermind (somewhat) villain, Mona, in Pretty Little Liars to Sweet Innocent Ol' Sandy. She really did an amazing job playing Sandy!

Katie Findlay also did an amazing job playing Rizzo. I think she was the perfect actress to cast. I had goosebumps throughout "There Are Worst Things I Could Do" and I couldn't stop smiling at her interpretation of Sandy in "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee". I don't think they could have picked a better person to play Rizzo!

Dylan S. Wallach would make John Travolta proud! His vocals were superb and he did a sensational job portraying Danny! My heart melted when he sang "Summer Nights" and "Sandy". His conflicted cocky/sweet, grease-head personality really shined through!

Because we were on the mezzanine, we also had the pleasure of watching the musicians on the upper left booths. It put the biggest smile on my face seeing Elizabeth Baird (Music Director) getting so passionate and into the music! Matthew Haber (Projection Designer), Michael Walton (Lighting Designer), Paul Tate dePoo (Set Designer) and the rest of the creative team did a fantastic job creating the setting on stage! We definitely were brought back to the 1950's!

And of course, the Elgin And Winter Garden Theatre Centre is as beautiful as always with its beautiful mural of a night sky painted around the stage and dangling greenery from the ceiling. My only complaint about the theatre, though, was that there were no signs telling us where we had to go to find the doors leading to our seats. We kind of just guessed and ended up right. It was also very hot waiting for doors to open inside of the lobby. But, on a brighter note, staff were very helpful leading us to our seats. The theatre is also really compact, so no matter where you sit, you will have a great view of the cast.

Whether you are a long-time lover of Grease or are curious to see it for the first time, I'd definitely recommend it! It has such a fantastic director, cast and creative team that will keep you smiling from ear to ear throughout the whole musical! It was so good that Adam and I want to go back and see it again!

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