10 Empowering Affirmations To Tell Yourself At Work

One of the BEST things I started implementing into my daily routine is AffirmationsYou are your #1 Cheerleader - and sometimes, we need to be reminded of all the great things about ourselves to boost us up when we're feeling down.

If you're unaware of the practice of Daily Affirmations, It is a meditative and self-reflective exercise focused on pushing you to dig deep inside and remind you of all the great things about yourself. It is an amazing practice to build self-confidence, practice self-love, and motivate you to do great things! And, before someone asks - no, it isn't narcissistic to admit the great things about yourself. If anything, I think it is courageous to thoughtfully express love for yourself - especially in a society where we are constantly reminded through the media that we aren't "good enough". Self-love is so important, babe, and once you can begin to do so, you'll be unstoppable!
Unless you have a career that you absolutely love with all your soul, sometimes you can fall unmotivated, discouraged, and doubtful of your work. If you are already dreading the thought of having to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning for work or have recently felt in a creative-rut, these affirmations are for you!

Throughout your work day, just take a moment (even just one minute) of each hour, to reflect and remind yourself of one of these work-day affirmations!

It's normal to feel a little awkward or uneasy at first (because we're not used to praising ourselves and we constantly look to others for approval that we're in the right direction), but I promise you, you'll feel a little better about yourself, each time you do it!

What is more powerful than being able to lift yourself up?

10 Empowering Affirmations For During Your Work Day

1) There are no limitations to what I can achieve.

2) I open myself up for amazing opportunities that are coming my way.

3) I have it within me to solve all challenges that arise today - they are all lessons to grow from.

4) I am thankful for another day to make a positive contribution within my career.

5) I am blessed to work with other amazing creative minds.

6)  I will not stress over things I cannot control.

7) Everything in my life is working out for my highest good.

8) I am well respected and appreciated - and I deserve it.

9) I give myself permission to slow down.

10) I am an outstanding worker!


When I'm feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated, or like I'm not delivering to my full potential at work, I like to take a step back, breathe in a deep breath, and remind myself of one of these affirmations. What affirmations do you tell yourself at work?


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