How To Start The Day Productively With Morning Habits

I am not a natural morning person. I just wanted to make that clear.

I can ignore 10 alarms without a budge, I'm a walking/talking zombie before my first 3 cups of coffee, and I used to unintentionally sleep through all of my morning classes in university. My relationship with Mornings has definitely been a work in progress through the years. Once I started working from home, I knew I needed to create some sort of schedule for myself or I'd literally sleep the whole day away without getting any work done.

After implementing Morning Habits into my lifestyle, I've found a drastic change in myself. It was easier for myself to wake up at 7am, I'd be excited to leave the house, and I'd feel extremely motivated to tackle all tasks on my to-do list!

Who Needs Morning Habits?
- Anyone who has trouble waking up in the morning.
- Anyone struggling to be productive.
- Anyone needing a little motivation for the start of the day.
- Anyone struggling to stay organized.
- Anyone needing a little morning pick-me-up.
- Anyone who dreams of being a morning person.

If you fit any (or all) of these, I highly recommend you give some of the Morning Habits a try. I feel like, unless you've got your life completely together (which is almost nobody), there is always room to grow into a better version of yourself by experimenting with new habits and techniques. No matter your intention, these 5 Morning Habits will definitely help you start your day on a positive note and grow your craving to get more sh*t done!

I believe it is so important to start your day on a positive note because it is the determining factor of how the rest of your day will play out. I find, for at least myself, if I start my day being really unproductive and uninspired, the rest of the day is spend getting nothing done. Likewise, when I've taken care of myself, get small tasks done, and eat breakfast - my day is full of productivity and creativity!

5 Morning Habits For A Productive Day
Here is an overview of the 5 Morning Habits. Down below I go into more detail of each.
  • Tidying Up
  • Write Lists
  • Mindfulness
  • Feed Your Body
  • Exercise

Tidying up is the very first thing I do every morning. Keeping a clean environment is one of the best ways to feel more motivated, be more organized and get more things done. For me, this includes putting away all of Echko's toys that occupy my the floor (boy, does he love to play with his toys at 3am lol), emptying my garbage, washing any unwashed dishes from the night before, de-cluttering my desk, and putting away any laundry I have laying around. This is essential for me, as I work from home. I feel it is also important to note: tidying up doesn't mean your work space (especially if you work from home) needs to be spotless. I hate starting a project with a bare desk because I end up wasting so much time digging around for supplies I need during creative work. Instead, I tidy up from unrelated clutter. Even if you don't work from home, isn't it such a nice feeling to come home to a clean living space?

I am very passionate about lists. As far back as I can remember, I always started my days with writing a To-Do List, a Gratitude List, and a Daily Goal List. In my To-Do List, I'll write down all of the tasks I need to get done for the day - and then re-write it in a hierarchy based on priority. This gives me an overview of the day which helps me organize my time better. 

I like to do daily Gratitude Lists, as well, as they remind me of all the great things in my life - which helps me start the day feeling good. Because I am a creative entrepreneur, I find that Gratitude Lists also help remind me of my purpose while creating content and building my business. 

Finally, Daily Goal Lists are amazing because they are more focused towards personal growth and self-development. I kind of like to see them similar to Quests or Missions from video games (lol, here comes my inner nerd!). While most video games have a general BIG goal you are trying to complete - like finally defeating the boss - much of the time, your quests and missions are little tasks which by completing them, you are one step closer to your big end goal. For example:
  • If you are working towards living a healthier lifestyle, some of your daily goals may be "No fast-food for lunch"; "Drink 8 glasses of water"; "Go for a 10 minute walk", etc. 
  • If you are working towards practicing more self-love, some of your daily goals may include "go to yoga class"; "write down 10 things I love about myself"; "enjoy a relaxing bubble bath while listening to my favourite audiobook"; etc. 
These little daily goals are an amazing way to help you slowly work towards an end-goal you've really wanted to reach!

Practicing Mindfulness is something new I've just recently implemented into my morning routine but has changed my life drastically. I have really enjoyed Meditating because it helps me re-gain focus, so that I'm ready for all that's ahead of me for the day. I also try to go on (at least) a 30 minute walk, every morning to listen to Podcasts (which helps get my mind thinking and working). Journaling isn't something new, but I think it is important to take time to just write all thoughts, fears, stressors, hopes, etc. cluttering the mind. It really helps me start the day with a fresh mind.

Feed Your Body
I find a lot of people skip breakfast because they don't have time, they "aren't hungry" or they really don't want to take the time to make something. Nevertheless, it is so important to take the time to eat, as it nourishes the body, feeds the brain, and we all know how distracting the hungry-belly-grumble is. I like to start my day with at least 1 glass of lemon water, a nutritious breakfast and a wholesome snack.

Finally, the last morning habit I recommend adding into your morning routine is exercise. This could really be anything that gets your heart racing and your body moving. Personally, I like to start my day with a 30 minute jog around the neighborhood, a few core exercises on my yoga mat, then some quick stretches. Again, this is really dependent on you and your lifestyle. If you don't have as much time as I do, spending 10 minutes doing a quick yoga video from YouTube or choosing to walk to work if it's nearby, instead of driving, is a great alternative. Starting the day with exercise really helps wake you up, make you feel more motivated and decrease stress.

Now that you know these morning habits that will guarantee a productive day - go out and kick tomorrow morning in the butt! What are your favourite things to do in the morning to help you kick-butt through the day?


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